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As in all successful organisations, the efficient management of systems, costs and revenues is critical to success. For dental professionals, understanding how to manage these factors and improve customer retention through quality of care are key to developing a sustainable, patient-centric practice

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Basic Endodontics

Basic Implantology

Training& Hands On Workshop

  • 2 Modules
  • 7 Days
  • Access to Study Circle

Clinical Prosthodontics


"The workshop was very informative and interesting. Dr.Sujay and all the instructors taught us as colleagues. The zeal to share knowledge was exemplary. Dr.Sujay is very good, soft spoken, good at heart. All of You are down to earth. We are lucky to have such a excellent team to dentists who guided us about implants. We can never forget about good attitude & hospitality. We are always thankful. "
Dr.Savitha Murgesh
“I am happy & proud that Dr.Sujay has reached the level to educate the fellow professionals to train them implant dentistry. He is a very meticulous & a state clinician. He has a good team of doctors. I wish him all the best & success for his Suviz Clinical Hub"
Dr.Jnanesh H.C.

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