Full Mouth Rehabilitation Using Dental Implants

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Using Dental Implants

Age: 42                                                                                   Gender: Female

Type of Case: Full mouth implant rehabilitation

Chief Complaint: Metal show of the caps on upper front teeth and missing lower front tooth

Dental History: Upper and lower anterior PFM crowns were fabricated 10 yrs ago.

Pre Operative:


Clinical Findings:

  • Existing PFM crowns wrt upper and lower anteriors.
  • Missing 16,37,38,43,47,48
  • Deep dental caries wrt 26, 46.

During The Procedure:

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Replacement of the upper and lower anterior crowns using Emax crowns.
  • Replacement of missing teeth by FPD or an RPD.

Treatment Plan:

  • Root canal treatment wrt 26, 46
  • Surgical Implant placement wrt 16,43.
  • Extraction wrt 17,18,27,28.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation using full veneer crowns and implant restoration.

Treatment Procedure:

  • Preoperative models and photographs were taken.
  • The face-bow transfer was made, centric, protrusive and lateral occlusal records were obtained.
  • The casts were mounted onto a semi-adjustable articulator and programmed. Broadricks analysis was made to establish the occlusal plane.
  • A mock-up was performed.
  • Clinically, surgical implant placement was done wrt 16 and  43.
  • Sutures were removed in a week.
  • The existing PFM crowns were sectioned and removed.
  • They were temporized and anterior guidance was established.
  • The lower posteriors were prepared and temporized and the occlusal plane was established.
  • Following which, the upper posteriors were prepared and temporized.
  • A mutually protected occlusion was achieved.
  • They were kept under observation for 6 weeks before making the final impressions and the interocclusal records.
  • The bisque trial of the all-ceramic crowns were done and satisfactory.
  • The final cementation was carried out on the natural teeth using resin cement.
  • The implant restorations were planned for a progressive loading by cement-retained crowns at the end of 2 months.

Post Operative:

Follow Up:

  • Advised for a regular 6 months follow up.

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