Anterior Single Implant

Anterior Single Implant

Age: 54                                                                                   Gender: Female

Type of Case: Anterior single implant

Chief Complaint: Complained of a missing upper front tooth.

Pre Operative:

Clinical Findings:

  • Missing 12

During The Procedure:


Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Fixed partial denture wrt 11,12,13
  • Removable partial denture wrt 12

Treatment Plan:

  • Restoration of the missing 12 by dental implant

Treatment Procedure:

  • Diagnostic models, radiographs and photographs were made.
  • Mockup and temporization were made.
  • Surgical placement of Implant was done wrt 12 and immediate temporization was done using a screw-retained prosthesis and kept out of any occlusal loads in centric and eccentric relations.
  • Progressive loading was commenced in 6 weeks after the implant placement.
  • 3 months following which the final screw-retained prosthesis was delivered.

Post Operative:

Follow Up:

  • Advised for a regular 6 months follow up.

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