Midline Diastema Correction

Midline Diastema Correction

Age: 40                                                                                   Gender: Male

Type of the Case: Midline Diastema Correction

Chief Complaint: Complained of spacing in the upper and lower front teeth.

Pre Operative:

Clinical Findings:

  • Upper midline diastema
  • Congenitally missing 41
  • Severe attrition wrt 21
  • High frenal attachment of the upper and lower labial frenum.
  • Cervical abrasion wrt 13, 23

During The Procedure:

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Fixed partial denture wrt lower anteriors
  • Composite veneers for the upper anteriors.

Treatment Plan:

  • Restoration of the lower missing 41 using dental implant.
  • Root canal treatment wrt 21.
  • Upper midline diastema closure using crowns.

Treatment Procedure:

  • Preoperative photographs and radiographs were made.
  • GIC cervical restoration was done wrt 13 and 23.
  • An implant was placed in the lower anterior region to replace 41 and temporized.
  • Lower labial frenectomy was done using laser. Second stage surgery was done three months following the surgery.
  • Root canal treatment was done wrt 21.
  • 11 and 21 were prepared to receive crowns and temporized.
  • Upper labial frenectomy was done using surgical scalpel.
  • After satisfactory healing,  implant level impressions of the lower arch and the upper impressions for crowns wrt 11 and 21 were made.
  • Trial of the crowns was carried out and consent was sought from the patient.
  • Final cementation of the upper anterior crowns and lower screw retained implant prosthesis were given.

Post Operative:

Follow Up:

  • Advised for a regular 6 months follow up.

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