Replacement of the missing anterior tooth using dental implant

Replacement of the missing anterior tooth using dental implant

Age: 38                                                                                   Gender: Male

Type of the Case: Replacement of the missing anterior tooth using dental implant.

Chief Complaint: Complained of ill fitting denture in the upper front teeth region.

Pre Operative:

Clinical Findings:

  • Generalized upper and lower anterior spacing
  • Missing 11
  • Existing splint and acrylic teeth replacing 11

During The Procedure:

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • RPD wrt 11
  • FPD wrt 12,11,21

Treatment Plan:

  • Surgical placement of implant wrt 11 to replace the missing tooth.

Treatment Procedure:

  • Pre operative diagnostic impressions and radiographs were made. Mock up was performed.
  • Existing acrylic tooth wrt 11 was removed. The width of the implant site was improved by bone splitting and  Surgical placement of implant in the site was carried out under local anesthesia.
  • The implant was left submerged for 3 months period.
  • The missing tooth was temporized using fiber splint.
  • Second stage surgery was carried out after 3 months.
  • Final impressions were recorded in the following week, shade selection was done.
  • Bisque trial was carried out and patients consent was received. Final prosthesis was delivered.

Post Operative:

Follow Up:

  • A regular follow up every 6 months is advised.

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