Enucleation of radicular cyst

Enucleation of radicular cyst

CHIEF COMPLAINT: Patient visited our clinic with a chief complain of abscess in lower front teeth region with excruciating pain and swelling

CLINICAL FINDING: dentoalveolar abscess involving all four lower anteriors with grade II mobility was seen.

RADIOGRAPHICAL FINDING: a well rounded radiolucent lesion was seen wrt 41,42,31 and along lateral borders of 32.


Extraction of lower anteriors and enucleation of radicular cyst under local anesthesisa, followed by immediate implant placement wrt 42,32. Use of PRF and bone grafting of surgical site and replacement with provisional restoration Essix appliance till the final crowns are placed.


  • Preoperative OPG, CBCT and clinical pictures were taken
  • Under local anesthesia and standard aseptic condition trapezoidal flap was used
  • All four lower incisors were extracted,to ensure complete cyctic enucleation diode laser was used and curettage was done followed by implant placement wrt 42,32
  • PRF and bonegraft was placed along with sutures
  • POST operative instructions were given and analgesics were prescribed.
  • follow up after 3 days was done, on one week follow up sutures were removed
  • on 10 days follow up ESSIX appliance was placed.


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