Rehabilitation of discolored tooth

Rehabilitation of discolored tooth

CHIEF COMPLAINT: Patient visited our clinic with a chief complaint of discolored upper front tooth and pain on biting food.

CLINICAL FINDING: Brownish-black discoloration was seen in upper front teeth.

RADIOGRAPHICAL FINDING:  A well defined radiolucent lesion was seen at the apex of the root 11 suggestive of radicular cyst.

TREATMENT PLAN: Extraction of 11 followed by cystic enucleation, curettage using saline, and provide iodine solution was done to ensure complete disinfection of extraction socket. immediate implant placement and temporization with the patient’s own tooth.


  • Preoperative OPG, and clinical pictures  were taken
  • Under local anesthesia and standard aseptic condition crevicular incision was used
  • 11 was extracted, curettage with povidine iodine followed by implant placement wrt 11
  • Bone graft infused with PRF was placed
  • Flap was reapproximated using suture
  • As a part of custom temporization in esthetic zone patient’s own extracted tooth crown was used.
  • POST operative instructions were given and analgesics were prescribed.
  • follow up after 3 days was done, on one week follow up sutures were removed

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