Esthetic correction by tooth contouring and implants.

Esthetic correction by tooth contouring and implants.

Age: 35                                                                   Gender: Male

Pre Operative:

Chief Complaint:   

  • The patient complained of missing tooth in the upper front teeth region.

Clinical Findings: 

  • Congenitally missing 12, 22 and 13, 23 substituting them.
  • Retained deciduous teeth wrt 53
  • Cervical caries 53
  • Root stump wrt 63
  • Existing FPD wrt 31,32,41,42

During the procedure:

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Removable prosthesis replacing 13, 23.
  • FPD, not an ideal option to replace the canines.
  • The orthodontic correction would be a long span and tedious option.

Treatment Plan:

  • Esthetic enamel contouring of  the permanent  canines
  • Extraction of retained deciduous 53,63 and immediate placement of implants

Treatment Procedure:

  • Preoperative photographs and diagnostic models were obtained.
  • Mock preparation of the 13, 23 were carried out.
  • Deciduous canines on the model were contoured as permanent canines.
  • The model was used to educate the patient.
  • Clinically, Esthetic enamel contouring the canines  to give the illusion of being lateral incisors were carried out  by enameloplasty
  • Retained deciduous 53, 63 were extracted and implants were placed immediately in the region, followed by immediate temporization.
  • Final screw-retained implant prosthesis was given in 3 months period after the implant surgery.

Post Operative:



Follow Up:

  • A regular follow every 6 months

Treatment Done By:

Dr. Sujay Gopal BDS, FICOI

Dental Surgeon & Implantologist

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