Replacement of a fractured tooth with an immediate implant

Replacement of a fractured tooth with an immediate implant

Age: 23                                                                 Gender: Male

Type of Case: Replacement of a fractured tooth with an immediate implant by socket shielding technique.

Pre Operative:

Chief Complaint:   

  • The patient complained of broken upper front tooth.

Clinical Findings: 

  • Fracture of a tooth at cervical third i.r.t 22
  • RCT treated i.r.t 22

During the procedure:

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Extraction followed by grafting and conventional implant i.r.t 22
  • Fixed partial denture wrt 21,22.23
  • Removable partial denture wrt 22.

Treatment Plan:

  • Extraction of 22
  • Followed by immediate Implant placement by socket shielding technique i.r.t 22

Treatment Procedure:

  • Preoperative photographs and diagnostic models were obtained.
  • Crown was removed.
  • 22 was extracted leaving a thin layer of enamel and dentin buccally for socket shielding.
  • The implant was placed immediately in the region, followed by immediate temporization using the old crown.
  • The implant was left for 3 months to heal.
  • Second stage surgery was carried out and healing abutment was given.
  • Final impressions were made using a closed tray implant level impression.
  • The screw-retained final prosthesis was delivered.
  • Soft tissue contour was maintained

Post Operative:

Follow up:

  • Every 6 months follow up has been carried out.


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