Esthetic composite restoration

 Esthetic composite restoration

Age: 23      Gender: Female

Chief Complaint:

  • Complained of broken front tooth

Dental History:

  • History of fracture one year ago. Composite restoration wrt same was done elsewhere following the fracture.

Pre Operative:

Clinical Findings:

  • Ellis class 2 fracture wrt 21

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Porcelain veneer wrt 21
  • Indirect composite veneer wrt 21

Treatment Plan:

  • Direct composite resin restoration wrt 21

Treatment Procedure:

  • Light curable composite resin for temporary restorations was used to contour the fractured tooth.
  • A putty index of the same was made.

  • The temporary restoration was removed.
  • Etching and bonding of the tooth was carried out as per the procedure.
  • Putty index was used to form the palatal frame of the restoration.
  • Composite resin was now incrementally added and contoured upto the incisal edge, simulating the contra lateral central incisor.
  • Contacts were established with the adjacent tooth and also the opposing teeth.
  • The final restoration was finished and polished.

Post Operative:

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