Smile designing

Smile designing

Age: 23      Gender: Male

Chief Complaint:

  • Complained of discolored teeth in the upper and lower front teeth region.

Dental History:

  • History of direct composite veneers on the upper centrals and laterals, done elsewhere 6 months ago.

Pre Operative:





Clinical Findings:

  • Generalized dental fluorosis.

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Full veneer crowns wrt anteriors
  • Full mouth rehabilitation

Treatment Plan:

  • Smile designing by ceramic veneers


Treatment Procedure:

  • Preoperative models, photographs and radiographs were obtained.
  • Mockup was made on the models, used to educate the patient.
  • Putty indices were obtained.
  • Shade selection was made.
  • Teeth preparation of the upper and lower anteriors were made to receive ceramic veneers.
  • The upper and lower first premolars were prepared to receive full veneer crowns.
  • Temporization was made using protemp by a direct method.
  • After a week of teeth preparation, final impressions were made using putty reline technique.
  • The trial was carried out and found satisfactory.
  • Final cementation was made using resin luting cement.

Post Operative:


Follow up:

  • Follow up every 6 months

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