Full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants

Full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants

Age: 61                                                              Gender: Female

Type of Case: Full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants

Chief Complaint: Complained of loose upper and lower teeth

Pre Operative:

  • Generalized periodontitis
  • Partially edentulous mandibular and maxillary arches.
  • Generalized mobility

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Total extraction followed by:
    • Replacement by removable complete denture
    • Replacement by implant supported overdentures.

Treatment Plan:

  • Full mouth implant retained upper and lower fixed prosthesis

During the procedure:

Treatment Procedure:

  •  Preoperative diagnostic impressions and radiographs were made.
  • A mockup was performed.
  • Total extraction of the upper and lower teeth was performed. Followed by immediate surgical implant placement.
  • Which included six implants in the upper arch and five implants for the lower arch. Suture removal was done after a week.
  • The patient was given a pair of interim removable complete dentures in a months period.
    Second stage surgery was scheduled after three months.
  • Radiographs were made and healing caps were placed. The prosthetic phase of restoration was carried out.
  • Primary impressions were made.
  • Open tray implant level impressions were made for the upper and lower arch.
  • A jig trial was made. Jaw relations were recorded.
  • Try in of the metal framework of the upper and lower arch was carried out.
  • The trial of the waxed denture was done and found satisfactory and accepted by the patient.  The bisque trial was done and the occlusion was verified.
  • The final prosthesis was received after the glaze.
  • Upper and lower metal framework were torqued and individual crowns were luted over them using glass ionomer luting cement.
  • Access holes were sealed with composite restorative resin and polished.

Post Operative:

Follow Up:

  • One month follow up was carried out.
  • A regular six months follow up is advised.

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